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Restful API

TestingPrime offers Restful API Testing services where our QA's test your API's build on Rest. To Know in details on Rest you have to learn a little new language to work with an API. When I travel to new places that speak different languages, I start with the basics -- "One more coffee, please.", "Where is the bathroom?". Just enough to get what I need, and make it clear that I'm trying. That is where we will start with REST. You can worry about fluency later if you decide you want to come back and spend more time in API-land.

Soap Services

TestingPrime offers testing API's built on SOAP based services. Our QA's are experts in testing SOAP,they analyse the requests, reponces and study XML's to understand the array of impact. SOAP is one of the widely used services and TestingPrime QA's experts in testing applications built on SOAP services. 

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