Security Testing

Vulnerability Scanning

TestingPrime believes security testing need to be started from the day 1 when coding begins. TestingPrime QA's scan the code on a daily basis to check the if the code brings any vulnerabilities. As part of scaning code our Automation specialists will review and analyse the code to check for the vulnerabilities. 

Risk Assesment

TestingPrime offers Risk assesment service as part of Security testing activities where our QA's will potentially identify the risk of your application. Risk assesment will look for the potential possible attacks on the spplication. Based on the findings of the Risk assesmenet TestingPrime expert QA's will also guide on the solutions to fix the potential risky areas. 

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scan, Risk Assemennt may lead to penetration testing for deeper understanding of the security threats to the application. TestingPrime QA's will ensure every nook and corner of your application tested as part of penetration testing. Penetration testing begins with understanfding of your user journeys and then the code and then the risks and then point to areas where intruders can enterinto the application. 

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