Performance Testing

Load Testing

Load testing is an important testing gateway for your application. TestingPrime offers load testing services to test how much load your application can handle. There are many aspects you need to look into to confirm how much load your website / application can handle and you need load testing specialists to help you. We often use open source tools for load testing but can also work with the enterprise tools. If you ask us we also help you in finding a best open source tool so you can save money and also a great tool for testing. 

Endurance Testing

Applications successful during load test and stress test may fail on a busy day where the load is consistent for a period of time. TestingPrime offers Endurance testing facility where our testers test your application for few hours in a row or overnight to ensure the application still works without any issues. 

Stress Testing

Many of the application’s pass load test but they still fail on an extremely busy day. Such situations are common. Just Load testing is not enough as part of performance testing we need to execute stress testing to ensure the breaking points of your application. TestingPrime offers multiple solutions to check the application load limits by stressing it using various enterprise and open source tools.  

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