Automation Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is an important part of testing in your application. It may be sprint level, system testing, Regression, Cross-Browser testing or even to build a smoke test. It becomes very important to choose what to Automate and how to? One needs technical expertise with testing skills, user experience and domain experience to Automate functionality effectively. Good Automation always provide good ROI.

TestingPrime is specialist in

  • Selenium
  • QTP
  • QF-Test
  • Ranorex
  • Rational Functional Tester
  • Robot Framework

The above are few of our list only. We are experienced in both enterprise and open source tools.  Our QA experts always suggests for open source tools to save your costs. 

Integration Testing

As soon as the development is started there will be an integration stage followed with and one needs to know what to test in the Integration. There will be many questions on what tools to use, how to automate, how to check the response if something is yet to be integrated. TestingPrime is expert in answering these questions and to choose the best tool for your needs. We have worked with various tools but usually we support for open source tools as they are free and we know the best of them. TestingPrime QA’s are experienced in all Integration testing techniques. Few of them are - Top down, bottom up, big bang, mixed (sandwich) and risky - hardest. Other Integration Patterns are: Collaboration Integration, Backbone Integration, Layer Integration, Client/Server Integration, Distributed Services Integration and High-frequency Integration.
TestingPrime is experienced in testing integration from

  • Unit
  • Component
  • System
  • Architecture
  • Business flows 

Cross Platform Testing

It is not enough to test on the machine your developer’s worked to build the system. TestingPrime will help you to understand what your application to be tested on. We analyse your user needs and your business needs. We develop cross platform testing frame work to test your application on various Browsers, Devices, operating systems and versions. Our QA’s will us various market leading Automation tools to achieve this testing. 

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