Quality is a Challenge

We will help you in facing that challenge !

Our strategy


Testing Prime helps in faster software development with better quality

Our Services

Test Resourcing

We supply onshore and offshore certified Quality Analysts to meet your needs. Our QA’s are trained and has years of experience in various areas of Testing

Test Consulting

Our test consultants provide you with independent review on your code, features, UI, UX etc. We can manage your teams or train them to meet your needs 

Market Research

Testing is not just meeting user requirements but producing usable software. We will do market research for you to see your client needs and help you in delivering a quality application 


Once your product goes live probably you don’t need a testing team anymore. But who will keep provide support for the releases with any bug fixes or upgrades ? Don’t worry we will provide post live support.

Why Us?

We are a start up with decades of professional software testing experience

We are competitive and Hands on

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